Serves as SAS managing intermediary such that the SAS communicates directly with the Domain-Proxy rather than with each individual CBSD.
BreezeVIEW acts as a Domain-Proxy and supports the following main functions:
1- Accept a set of one or more available channels and select channels for use by specific CBSDs, and configure the CBSDs respectively.
2- Receive confirmation of channel assignment from SAS, manage CBSDs registration and authorization with the SAS
3- Perform bidirectional bulk CBSD registration and directive processing.

Telrad’s NMS: BreezeVIEW supports the Domain Proxy capabilities.

BreezeVIEW acts as a Domain-Proxy between SAS and the Devices (eNBs, UEs).
It communicates with the SAS, accepts instructions such a grant confirmation or denial for requested spectrum, and configure the CBSDs (eNBs, UEs) respectively.

The Domain-Proxy maintains a state machine algorithm per CBSD, and provides information about the CBSD state and statuses. CBSD state may be affected by variant causes, such SAS instructions, CBSD HW state, connectivity’s state and others.

The Domain-Proxy automatically configures eNB and UE devices following SAS instructions, user configuration, and the state machine algorithm.
For example, when receiving a Grant for eNB CBSD, SAS manager shall configure the Central Frequency, Max TX power and activate Start Transmission operation, or alternatively, stops eNB transmission if Grant is rejected.