A CBSD shall be registered by SAS to be able to make requests for Spectrum Grants (service transmission).
As part of the CBSD Registration procedure, Domain-Proxy provides the SAS with its device specific information, like device type, serial no, FCC ID, etc. as well as its installation information like location, height, deployment type, etc.
The SAS validates the CBSD authenticity and registration information to verify the correctness of the data provided by the Domain-Proxy and whether the CBSD is blacklisted and has to be denied service.

CBSD Grant
The Grant procedure is used for a Registered CBSD to request access for the spectrum managed by the SAS.
This procedure can only be performed after a successful registration of the CBSD with the SAS.
The Grant Request should include:
1- The CBSD frequency range it wishes to operate upon.
2- The desired maximum TX power.
On successful operation, SAS sends a successful Grant Response with information on the duration of the Grant validity and allowed peak transmit power, an the Heartbeat Duration.

CBSD Heartbeat
The Heartbeat procedure is used to maintain the validity of the CBSD assigned Grants with the SAS.
Heartbeat request informs SAS that the CBSD still using the allocated spectrum, and allows SAS to suspend or terminate the grant.
The SAS uses the HB Response message to inform a state change, such:
– Grant Expiry time
– Transmit Time
– Grant Status: Termination or Suspension.

CBSD Deregister
Deregistration Procedure is used by the BreezeVIEW to deregister a CBSD from the SAS.

CBSD Relinquish
The Spectrum Relinquishment procedure used by the Domain-Proxy to relinquish an assigned/active Grant for a CBSD. The Domain-Proxy sends the Relinquishment Request message to the SAS to inform the SAS that the CBSD no longer requires use of the frequency segment assigned in the Grant.
BreezeVIEW Domain-Proxy may initiate this request for the following state transitions:
1- CBSD is no longer reachable/managed.
2- CBSD is no longer going to transmit on the frequency segment assigned in the Grant.
3- SAS has instructed to vacate the frequency segment assigned in the Grant.
4- Switching CBSD to a different operating frequency