Telrad Reminds Customers and Partners “We Are Here to Stay” In Wake of Alvarion’s Financial Troubles

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 11, 2013 – Telrad, a leading provider of carrier-grade telecommunications equipment and services, acquired Alvarion’s BWA division on May 10th, 2013. Following the announcement by Silicon Valley Bank petitioning for a receivership for Alvarion Ltd. over an existing debt, Telrad Networks CEO Ran Bukshpan reaffirms Telrad’s commitment to its 4G LTE-Advanced and WiMAX businesses, and the on-going success of the company’s customers. “The bottom line is that Telrad is here to stay. It is truly unfortunate that Alvarion is facing financial difficulties, but we want to reassure all of our customers and partners that Alvarion’s situation will have absolutely no effect on our business, nor that of our clients. Furthermore, Telrad will honor any and all third-party product delivery commitments it has made.”

Since the acquisition of the entire BWA division—including staff, technology and intellectual property—Telrad has focused on several key activities:• First, to successfully resolve customer-facing operational and logistical issues related to the stagnant situation with Alvarion prior to the deal closing;
• Second, to finalize the company’s technological roadmap, demonstrating a firm commitment to TD-LTE and a smooth evolution path to LTE from WiMAX;
• Finally, to connect directly with all Telrad’s BWA customers and partners, affirming that the Telrad’s 4G wireless solutions are the core strategic growth engine for the company going forward.

Telrad’s commitment to the 4G portfolio has been demonstrated through a number of recent wins worldwide and the beginning of strategic deployments of Telrad’s flagship product, the BreezeCOMPACT.

Says Bukshpan, “Our message to our customers is that our business will continue to operate smoothly and seamlessly. We will continue to be a partner of choice for our customers, addressing their business needs with the best 4G products and solutions, now and for years to come.”

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About Telrad Networks 
Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative telecommunications products and solutions. Through its more than 280 4G deployments worldwide, Telrad facilitates communications between millions of end-users. Telrad empowers customer success by combining its leading-edge 4G products with field-proven provisioning, implementation and management expertise. Telrad Networks is backed by private equity fund Fortissimo Capital.