Addressing overpriced and inaccessible fixed LTE broadband solutions by offering instead an end-to-end network solution fit for small and large operators alike

Memphis, Tennessee – March 13, 2017 – WISPAmerica Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, today announced the launch of the BreezeCOMPACT LTE-In-a-box product designed to simplify fixed LTE network operations, providing uncompromised performance without the need for an additional expensive LTE Core.

LTE-in-a-Box – Embedded EPC Launch

The new “LTE-in-a-Box” solution integrates the core network, also called Evolved Packet Core (EPC), directly into the base station hardware, offering an all-in-one LTE solution or “LTE-in-a-Box”. With the deployment of the unique BreezeCOMPACT LTE base stations, the operator gains an LTE-Advanced 4Tx/4Rx radio, LTE core and network management all from one, all-outdoor, extremely compact unit. The radio supports the 3.3-3.8 GHz bands, including the CBRS band 3.55-3.7 GHz in the US.

The system is addressing some of the price and network size challenges that operators often face – where pricier solutions designed specifically for larger network operators are not viable. Telrad is determined to offer a solution that enables both small and large operators to deploy affordable LTE. The LTE-in-a-Box design not only reduces the cost of network deployments, but also delivers a high level of flexibility, placing the core intelligence where it is needed most.

The embedded EPC solution is:

  • Best fit for fixed networks services – QoS and flexible networking topologies
  • WiFi-like simplicity (“Core-less”) for fast deployment
  • Special EPC HW Acceleration technology for uncompromised performance
  • Maximized profit – No expensive core for small networks
  • Integrated Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)
  • Authentication with integrated HSS or AAA Radius Server

Telrad’s LTE-in-a-Box will help operators effectively manage their growing subscriber base by providing superior features for any size network or business model scenario, including residential and enterprise customers.

Successful LTE-in-a-Box Deployment

One of the first Telrad customers in North America to successfully integrate the LTE-in-a-Box embedded EPC to their network is Skywerx Internet Services located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Justin Davis, Founder and COO of SkyWerx stated, “We have successfully introduced the LTE-in-a-Box solution to our network. The new embedded EPC gives us the ability to deploy a full-outdoor LTE network directly on the tower. This is a very cost-effective solution – especially in the rural areas we serve. Telrad has been a great partner, and with continued innovative technology launches such as this, our business will reap the flexibility and cost benefits that they deliver.”

Telrad End-to-End Fixed LTE

“Telrad has designed an LTE solution that is tailored to the needs and business model of fixed broadband operators,” said Mark Altshuller, chief technology officer of Telrad. “Our new LTE-in-a-Box offers operators the flexibility they need to deploy efficient and reliable networks. Also, our system meets certain criteria that other solutions lack, including Layer-2 support for business end users and the ability to start with smaller LTE networks. Our solution is ‘equal opportunity’ and is finally making LTE accessible to all operators – regardless of their size.”

The end-to-end solution offers several differentiating features, including:

  • Layer 2 functionality, enabling operators to properly serve business customers with the features they need
  • Standards-based product which saves money and future-proofs the network
  • Flexibility in architecture options giving operators more control of costs and growth
  • Software defined 4×4 radio which extends the life cycle of product with software-only upgrades

“We are proud to announce our new embedded EPC at this year’s WISPAmerica show,” commented Chris Daniels, vice president and regional GM of North America for Telrad. “Telrad has distinguished itself as a leader in LTE technology, with a growing customer base in North America. We take into account every operator need, including cutting business costs, overcoming NLOS, increasing coverage and capacity, deployment flexibility and overall network efficiency and reliability. Our aim is building long-term customer partnerships.”

At this year’s WISPAmerica Conference, Telrad is demonstrating its portfolio of LTE solutions at Booth #304, in Memphis, Tennessee, March 14-16, 2017. Visitors can learn more about the company’s suite of high-performance products and services for today’s wireless broadband market.

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