WiMax to LTE Migration

A New Path to LTE – You May Be Closer Than You Think

Since the acquisition of Alvarion’s BWA division, Telrad is dedicated to taking 4G technology forward. Our in-house R&D team has developed an extensive 4G product line that will reliably extend the life of your network, helping you carve a smarter path to LTE. With years of experience in deploying wireless technology around the world, Telrad brings extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to every customer interaction, extending our dedication to each partnership – with your long-term future success in mind.

Eliminate LTE Uncertainty

  • Proven, end-to-end solutions – Our dual mode base stations and CPEs enable a practical and cost-effective path for upgrading your existing WiMAX network to LTE (via SW upgrade).

  • Dual mode technology – Our solutions allow operators to protect their current equipment investments, moving to LTE at a pace of their own choosing – without disrupting service continuity.

  • Reduced costs – Our base stations reduce OPEX and CAPEX by combining a small form factor size, macro cell performance, easy installation and low power consumption.

How Should I Migrate, You May Ask?

For WiMAX operators, there has been tremendous uncertainty surrounding LTE. How can I offer my customers LTE? Can I afford a new LTE network? What will happen to my existing customers while I move to LTE? Does LTE offer all the services I currently need? Will I lose my customers if I don’t move to LTE?

Telrad can help simplify your decision and your move to LTE, with a business case that reflects your needs – your budget, your timeline, your customer-base, your service offering, and your location. Specifically, Telrad offers a smooth transition plan for moving to LTE – a plan that allows you to continue to monetize your existing network while moving seamlessly and cost-effectively to LTE.

First, you can seed your network with our LTE-ready BreezeCOMPACT base station. These base stations can continue to support your existing WiMAX devices on the network. Introduce CPE7000 components, which can be deployed anywhere in the network, communicating with either WiMAX or BreezeCOMPACT WiMAX/LTE base stations. When the time comes, you simply upgrade the system via a quick software upgrade, leveraging Telrad’s unique Dual-Mode solution provides a seamless, uninterrupted user experience in any location.

Allow us to work with you at the most basic level, helping you overcome your frustration and questions about implementing LTE, while laying the groundwork for your practical and affordable WiMAX to LTE migration.