Government & Municipalities

Wireless Broadband Solutions for Government

Operators, ISPs, public safety, government agencies, and other various organizations can leverage the strength of the Telrad solution suite to deploy 4G LTE broadband projects. Telrad offers a comprehensive portfolio of LTE products including base stations, CPEs and core networks. Operators can leverage decades-long legacy, taking their customers forward with a future-proof, dependable, 4G LTE product line.

Telrad is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, 4G technology to accompany users far into the future. Our in-house R&D team has developed an extensive 4G product line that will serve government and municipal entities with reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof wireless broadband networks.

Empowering Communities

  • Proven, end-to-end solutions – Our LTE solutions have been deployed around the world with great success. The Telrad LTE-powered networks are helping to connect residents as well as service municipalities by supporting multiple applications across town, including extended office connectivity, utilities, parking meters, surveillance, traffic management and much more.

  • Dual mode technology – Already have WiMAX deployed? No problem. Our solutions allow operators to protect their current equipment investments, moving to LTE at a pace of their own choosing – without disrupting service continuity.

  • Reduced costs – Our base stations reduce OPEX and CAPEX by combining a small form factor size, macro cell performance, easy installation and low power consumption.

  • Ideal EPC functionality – Our core network options enable standards-based, secure, flexible and scalable network functionality. Our BreezeWAY EPCs enable the most cost-effective networks, supporting networks of all sizes.

Wireless Broadband Solutions for Government and Municipalities | Telrad

Bringing it all together

Telrad’s wireless solutions empower communities with the ability to solve complex communication challenges. Employing Telrad’s solutions in a community helps to overcome networking obstacles, transcends departmental boundaries, and builds seamless interoperability – exactly what government is mandated to do in the service of the public’s best interest.

Next generation efficiency systems, such as Intelligent Traffic Monitoring (ITS) and Automated Meter Readings (AMR) for water and electric utilities are ultimately only as deployable and effective as the communication network that enables their data distribution. Telrad’s wireless network delivers on the promise of these new monitoring systems by providing an instant infrastructure for relaying data and images back to a central control center.