Broadband Service Providers

Telrad solutions for service providers

For service providers seeking to grow and expand their network, Telrad offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the connectivity requirements of a wide variety of applications and vertical market organizations. Our suite of LTE solutions helps bridge connectivity gaps, providing improved end-user broadband experiences to their customers.

Those broadband and internet service providers who have been selling the ‘Breeze’ products over the past decade can build upon a long legacy, taking their customers forward with a future-proof, dependable, 4G/LTE product line.

Empowering broadband networks

Proven, end-to-end solutions – Our dual mode base stations and CPEs enable a practical and cost-effective path for upgrading your existing WiMAX network to LTE (via SW upgrade).

Dual mode technology – Our solutions allow ISPs to protect their current equipment investments, moving to LTE at a pace of their own choosing – without disrupting service continuity.

Reduced costs – Our base stations reduce OPEX and CAPEX by combining a small form factor size, macro cell performance, easy installation and low power consumption.

Connectivity for today and for the future

Since the acquisition of Alvarion’s BWA division, Telrad is dedicated to taking LTE technology forward. Our in-house R&D team has developed an extensive product line that will reliably extend the life of your network, helping you carve a smarter path to LTE. Telrad’s wireless solutions empower providers with the ability to solve complex communication challenges. Employing Telrad’s solutions helps to build seamless, pervasive connectivity, delivering on the promise of superior service and support for all your needs.

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