Wireless Broadband Provides Traffic Control and Public Safety to City of Richardson

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Customer Type: Government / Municipality

Country/Region: City of Richardson, Texas, USA

Application: Public Safety / Video Surveillance


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“During our requisite proof of concept process we were originally looking at various mesh solutions. We quickly realized that the only equipment that offered us the non-stop reliability we require is the BreezeMAX and so we went for an end-to-end wireless broadband network.”

Steve Graves, Chief Information Officer with the City of Richardson


The Customer
City of Richardson, Texas.

The Challenge
Improve quality of life for residents and large number of commuters that enter the nation’s Telecom Corridor daily.

The Solution
BreezeMAX® solution mounted around the city and connected to the city’s high-quality video surveillance network for public safety and traffic control.

The Result
Improved traffic control, coordinated traffic signals and incident response, increase regional air quality, better manage changes in traffic. Live feeds to police headquarters and to a 24-7 Emergency Operations Center.


case-studyIn this case study, you will learn how Telrad helped system integrator, Crystal Communications, to deliver a successful wireless broadband access deployment to the City of Richardson, Texas. The BreezeMAX solution, mounted around the city and connected to the city’s video surveillance network, provides a flexible method for delivering broadband data.

Operators like Crystal Communications, who have been selling the ‘Breeze’ products for a decade, continue to build upon Alvarion’s legacy, while taking their customers forward with a future-proof, dependable, 4G LTE product line. Telrad has spent the last several months, since the Alvarion BWA acquisition, creating a seamless path from WiMAX to LTE-Advanced for existing WiMAX users, while developing a new family of LTE-ready products.

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Richardson is a vibrant community, kept current by the Richardson  City Council’s emphasis on economic development and neighborhood integrity.

Richardson is one of the most conveniently located communities in the Metroplex, and is the heart of a significant employment center, the Telecom Corridor® area. More than 88,000 people work in the City of Richardson each day.

About Crystal Communications Ltd.
Crystal Communications, Ltd. specializes in the design, installation, and support of broadband wireless systems and high-speed network infrastructure. Headquartered in Kingwood, Texas, Crystal Communications offers leading edge wireless solutions combined with the expertise necessary to succeed in today’s converging communications environment. As a family owned and operated Houston based company, Crystal provides its clients a level of responsiveness and reliability they can depend on. Crystal offers proven product knowledge and project management experience that ensures the customer’s broadband network provides the performance and flexibility that end users require.  www.crystalcomltd.com

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With more than 5,000 businesses operating within Richardson’s 28 square miles (73 km2), including several of the world’s largest telecommunications/networking companies, traffic has become a major priority for local government.

Inspired by Kansas’ Operation Green Light, City of Richardson officials have decided to introduce a wireless traffic digitization system that will improve traffic flow into and throughout the city.

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Crystal Communications, a BreezeMAX reseller, is enabling the City to roll out a wireless, high-speed communications network including base station equipment, network planning and optimization, the StarSuite Network Management System, CPEs connected to the traffic controllers and more.

The BreezeMAX smart city solution provides connectivity to the City’s high-quality video surveillance network that delivers live feeds to police headquarters and to a 24-7 Emergency Operations Center. The high-quality feeds can also be viewed from any PC monitor within the public safety network. The BreezeMAX base stations have been deployed on various water towers and tall buildings across the city to enable ubiquitous coverage.

The network also supports many more applications for the city. These include:

  • Intersection controller data
  • GPS Time/NTP Time sync
  • Traffic video surveillance
  • Traffic Counting equipment
  • Remote viewing of traffic video detectors
  • Public Safety Radio applications
  • Emergency data deployment via portable tower
  • Hotspot backhauls

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The new system provides high-speed connectivity to all intersections, cameras, and other gear.  The result is an improvement in the coordination of traffic signals and incident response.  This will gradually increase regional air quality, provide a tool for local government to better manage changes in traffic and essentially improve the overall quality of life for residents and commuters. The system lends itself well to rapid deployments and ample capacity for new uses and future proofing while being simple to maintain and operate. Deployment of new sites is relatively simple and inexpensive and overall there is a significant monetary savings over other evaluated alternatives.

Delivering a successful wireless broadband access deployment has allowed the City to meet a set of critical business needs, while also providing a very flexible method for delivering broadband data to a variety of business needs quickly and affordably.