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Telrad Corporate
BreezeCOMPACT 1000 A4
BreezeCOMPACT 1000 Letter Size
BreezeCOMPACT 2000 A4
BreezeCOMPACT 2000 Letter Size
BreezeCOMPACT 3000 A4
BreezeCOMPACT 3000 Letter Size
BreezeVIEW A4
BreezeVIEW Letter Size
BreezeWAY A4
BreezeWAY Letter Size
Dual Mode CPE 7000 A4
Dual Mode CPE 7000 Letter Size
BreezeMAX CPE Family


Telrad Corporate – Spanish
BreezeCOMPACT Base Station Family – Spanish
Dual Mode CPE 7000 Family – Spanish


Telrad Corporate – Chinese
BreezeCOMPACT Base Station Family – Chinese
Dual Mode CPE 7000 Family – Chinese
TelCore 4G Core Network Suite – Chinese
StarSuite Network Management Solution – Chinese

Case Studies

Wireless Broadband Provides Traffic Control and Public Safety to City of Richardson “During our requisite proof of concept process we were originally looking at various mesh solutions. We quickly realized that the only equipment that offered us the non-stop reliability we require is the BreezeMAX. Read The Full Study

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