Telrad’s LTE solution enables access to fast Internet service in hard-to-reach areas of the state

Lod, Israel – May 26, 2016 Telrad Networks, global provider of TD-LTE broadband solutions, today announced that Redzone Wireless,

has selected Telrad LTE solutions for the next phase of its 4G LTE Advanced broadband network expansion in Maine, United States. Redzone is making Internet available to businesses and residents, including those in rural areas that currently have limited options for Internet service, while keeping costs affordable.

The Redzone network operates on the FCC licensed Educational Broadband Service (EBS) 2.5 GHz spectrum. In 2015, Redzone completed a Phase 1 network deployment providing coverage to 25% of Maine’s households.Redzone selects Telrad LTE

As the first 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider in the state of Maine, Redzone has had several challenges to overcome. While Maine is known for its beautiful landscape and low population density, its dense evergreens and rocky mountainous terrain create adverse conditions for the deployment of wireless infrastructure. Wireless signals are heavily attenuated in this environment, particularly in rural areas where there is dense foliage, and hilly terrain.

Telrad Networks’ LTE solutions, especially the high-powered BreezeCOMPACT 3000 base stations used by Redzone, use several advanced techniques, such as 4×4 radio with advanced MIMO, to overcome many such non-line-of-sight (NLOS) scenarios.

Representing a truly standards-based and interoperable LTE network, the Telrad-powered network is working with a handful of third-party components in addition to the end-to-end solution provided by Telrad.

“Redzone intends to extend fixed wireless broadband network coverage to the majority of Maine households. We have chosen Telrad Networks because they have distinguished themselves as a value added technical partner capable of delivering powerful, adaptive, and reliable technology at an attractive price point. Together, we are developing the unique intellectual property necessary to enable profitable broadband delivery in low-population density areas,” said James McKenna, President and CEO of Redzone Wireless.

Telrad offers an end-to-end LTE solution that enables customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. The solution provides features designed specifically for fixed wireless networks, which mobile LTE vendors do not address. The entire network is managed through a centralized network management system, with smartphone support. While security, authentication, billing and and traffic management are handled by the BreezeWAY EPC, which provides standard EPC (MME, SGW, PGW) compliance, with a reasonably priced entry point and immense scalability.

“We are proud to have been chosen for this significant LTE rollout that will bring broadband services to a large area in Maine. Redzone needed a solution that supported an economically sustainable, highly scalable broadband network, in both dense LOS and rural NLOS conditions” said Chris Daniels, Vice President and Regional GM of North America for Telrad. “Standards-based interoperability was also key, due to the need to work with their existing LTE infrastructure. Telrad worked closely with the Redzone team to ensure that all of their needs were met. Our LTE solution enables high-speed wireless services through a flexible architecture that helps operators minimize the total cost of ownership of networks.”

Redzone is prepared to expand LTE to additional areas of the state, pending the successful delivery of this initial rollout.

About Redzone Wireless
Redzone Wireless is a high-speed wireless Internet service provider serving Maine. The company has developed a 4G LTE Advanced broadband network operating on the FCC licensed EBS spectrum. Redzone began offering 4G LTE broadband services for residential and business customers in selected Maine areas during Q2 2015. The company is committed to building and operating a robust broadband network, which provides an exceptional, consistent and affordable experience for all subscribers. (

About Telrad Networks
Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative LTE broadband solutions, boasting over 300 4G deployments in 100 countries. Telrad stands at the forefront of the technology evolution of next-generation TD-LTE solutions in the sub-6 GHz market. Since 1951, the company has been a recognized pioneer in the telecom industry, facilitating the connectivity needs of millions of end-users through operators, ISPs and enterprises around the world. (