BreezeAIR AXE introduces superior dynamic net throughput of 2.1Gbps combined with ultra-low latency and top-level security @ 4.9-7.1GHz.

Designed for unmatched interference rejection, BreezeAIR’s unique Automatic Interference Sensibility (AIS) technology guarantees stable performance with constant latency and throughput.

BreezeAIR AXE PTP & PTMP solutions set a benchmark of unrivaled performance and reliability, making it the ultimate choice for future-proof wireless systems.

BreezeAIR AXE Highlights

PTP & PTMP @ 4.9-7.1GHz
Superior throughput – up to 2.1Gbps
• Most efficient dynamic asymmetric TDD protocol

• Long range – more than 130 Km

• Configurable channel bandwidth up to 160MHz

• Top level security – AES-256 & MAC level authentication

Extremely Low CAPEX & OPEX

• Rugged & Reliable IP67 design

• Compact & Simple to install and maintain

• <13Watt power consumption

• Low stress design maximizes MTBF

• One family, Multiple frequency bands 

Unmatched Interference Rejection

AIS (Automatic Interference Sensibility) –  Telrad’s Innovative and proprietary technology makes BreezeAir the most stable wireless solution in the market. 

TDMA  scheduler ensures collision-free – higher capacity, longer range and diversity

ACM guarantees error-free link

Fastest ARQ – minimal latency and jitter

Time Synchronization eliminates self interference and allows efficient frequency reuse

Advanced Networking

• Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint
• State-of-the-art NMS

• Secured HTTPS, EMS, SNMP V3 and SSH management

• QoS based on 802.1p, TOS & DSCP

• VLAN tagging/stripping & QinQ

• Uplink and downlink bandwidth control

• Over the air remote management

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