Making a stand against overpriced and inaccessible fixed LTE broadband solutions

Telrad’s LTE-in-a-Box offers an end-to-end network solution fit for small and large operators alike. The solution is designed to simplify network operations and increase service quality—while maximizing value, profits and Total Cost of Ownership.

The solution is taking a revolutionary stand against some of the negative impacts that wireless broadband operators are experiencing today in setting up LTE networks. Telrad is determined to offer a solution that enables both small and large operators to deploy affordable LTE.

Join the LTE-in-a-Box ‘movement’:

  • No more complex and expensive EPC
  • Feel significant and be profitable
  • Protect your business case
  • Stop oversized billing systems
  • Save precious real estate with smaller, more comprehensive solutions
  • Demand support for vertical & business applications


Telrad’s LTE-in-a-Box is comprised of an LTE-A base station radio, LTE EPC, and network management- all operating from a single, all-outdoor, extremely compact unit. The solution offers a comprehensive LTE broadband which:

  • Has a strong business case
  • Is simple to deploy
  • Is affordable
  • Can be scaled with growth
  • Is suitable for Fixed Broadband applications
  • Utilizes special EPC HW Acceleration technology


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