Integration & Support

Plan for Success

At Telrad, we believe in partnering for success. By imparting our many years of experience and expertise in helping customers deploy, operate and maintain successful wireless networks, we have taken an active part in helping businesses attain significant cost savings.

With Telrad, You Are Never on Your Own

Telrad is committed to helping our customers make the right choices for their networks, helping them to save on OPEX and CAPEX when possible, and implementing plans that allow for scalable, pay-as-you-grow business models. Having a sound plan for the future is an important element of your success. Telrad’s team will work with you to get the right equipment, with the right features and services.

With 4G LTE in mind, our plans will help you make your move to LTE and get on the path that is future proof.

Integration Services That Count

  • Make sure your network is planned right, the first time around
  • Efficient configurations to help reduce OPEX and CAPEX
  • Driving flexible and scalable designs to meet any network needs
  • Quality training – helping your engineers become experts too