• Cost-effective solution tailored for Operator/WISP needs

  • Simple service package provisioning based on user friendly GUI

  • Smooth integration with existing Payment GW, invoicing and billing systems

  • Pay as you grow

  • Prepaid and Postpaid services

  • Time-based and volume-based quotas management

  • Web self-care Portal for Prepaid and postpaid customers

  • End user can modify and monitor its service status and to generate vouchers for prepaid customer

  • Multi-Technology (LTE, WiFi, Fiber, xDSL, etc.) radius-based billing platform

BreezeBILLING Main Capabilities

telrad lte choice
  • Multi Technology platform which support RADIUS interface – LTE/Fiber/Wi-Fi

  • Prepaid & Postpaid Services

  • Time and Volume based quota

  • Simple and very user-friendly GUI for users and services package provisioning

  • Voucher management & prepaid scratch cards

  • Payment GW integration support*

  • Integration support for existing billing system

  • WebSelfCare Portal

  • WiFi HotSpots Captive portal (customized per location)

  • Reports’ engine – tailored per request

  • Scalability – Pay as you grow license system per number of users

  • Easy to use, Graphical User Interface that enables a scalable user privilege

  • Cloud or local server based

  • Redundancy

BreezeBILLING  EXTENSION (API Integration)


Payment portal (PayPal, Visa etc’)

WiFi and other 3rd party support

Customer Portal

Flow and Logic management portal

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