Telrad Tapped to Provide Connectivity to the Private Network Between Land and Sea 

Modern 5GHz wireless broadband deployment will replace existing BreezeVL equipment.

[LOD, Israel – February 23, 2021] Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, has been enlisted once again to deploy a robust wireless broadband solution in a challenging environment.

This particular environment involves a land-to-sea link near the state of Campeche in southeastern Mexico. An offshore oil rig operated by a large Mexican government agency serves as the communication hub. Via the rig’s private network, vessels up to 6 miles away can establish vital connectivity with the mainland.

“Often we see Telrad equipment being used in difficult land-based scenarios, such as long distances or problematic terrain, to deliver superior non-line-of-sight (NLOS) performance. In this deployment, our cost-effective wireless broadband solutions prove that they can overcome a very different set of conditions to provide the same kind of fast, reliable network connectivity,” said Yishai Amsterdamer, General Manager of Telrad Networks.

As part of this 5GHz network with Layer 2 service and mobility support, the key infrastructure consists of Telrad’s award-winning outdoor BreezeCOMPACT1000 advanced LTE system paired with the company’s high-performance BreezeAIR point-to-point networking platform.

The modern Telrad solution, which will offer higher peak data speeds and expanded range, is designed to replace the existing BreezeAccess VL network that had previously been deployed with great success. The upgrade is being carried out at the behest of the communications company TECALED S.A. de C.V.

“Many Telrad customers like TECALED have relied on BreezeAccess VL solution for years. In the meantime, our constant pursuit of better performance, higher efficiency and greater scalability have leveraged broader advances in technology to open up even more advantages and opportunities,” Amsterdamer continued.

“Using our latest generation of 5GHz wireless broadband solutions, customers can upgrade their current infrastructure to capitalize on those new advantages and opportunities. And as this deployment shows, challenging conditions are no obstacle to excellent results.”

TECALED Operations Manager Jovani Perez added, “TECALED is determined to satisfy the growing need for high-speed communication and offshore mobility in the Campeche probe. That is why we are committed to providing 100/20 service packages to our clients in offshore platform areas. With the goal of achieving a system sectorized for mobile vessels, the tests we conducted with Telrad’s 5Ghz LTE-U solution have shown that we can provide better service with high-speed broadband in near-line-of-sight and long-range conditions.”

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TECALED is a leading provider of reliable and high-speed wireless communications. Its ambitious broadband strategy involves expanding access to rural areas in southeastern Mexico.

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