High-speed network will connect regional businesses, residents and previously unreachable users

Lod, Israel – May 26, 2015 — Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE broadband solutions, today announced that NETAGO Wireless, one of Canada’s leading full-service wireless broadband providers, selected Telrad LTE solutions to serve the needs of rural Canadians throughout Alberta. The updated network will offer significantly higher speeds, and will support expanded coverage, particularly in areas facing Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) issues.

Since 2005, NETAGO has offered high-speed Internet to underserved areas in the region. The company helped to extend the service area of Alberta’s SuperNet Project, a government initiative designed to bring affordable broadband access to 4,200 government, health, library and educational facilities, in 429 communities across the province.

Terry Duchcherer, Owner of NETAGO, said, “After testing several companies’ equipment, we’re 100% confident that Telrad is the right partner for us. The strength of their solution is that it provides scalability, high capacity and enhanced coverage—even in areas with heavy foliage.”

Telrad’s base stations, core network solutions and end-user equipment allow NETAGO to take immediate and full advantage of LTE technology, with a lower power consumption and total cost of ownership than competitive solutions. Leveraging Telrad’s turnkey products, NETAGO can bring triple play applications (Internet, VoIP telephony and video), private VPNs, surveillance networks and telemetry to even the most remote homes and business customers.

“Our team is very appreciative of experienced partners like NETAGO, whose team already has an in-depth understanding of our product performance, features and benefits,” said Chris Daniels, General Manager of North America for Telrad. “This partnership will most certainly strengthen our business growth in Canada.”

About NETAGO Wireless
NETAGO Wireless is one of Canada’s leading full-service wireless broadband providers based in Alberta, Canada, providing high-speed Internet, voice, data and video applications to rural residents and businesses. Headquartered in Hanna, Alberta, NETAGO staff has a long history in telecommunication and voice networking. The company remains committed to spurring economic development by bridging the digital gap between urban and rural areas. (http://www.netago.ca)

About Telrad Networks
Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative LTE broadband solutions, boasting over 280 4G deployments in 100 countries. Telrad stands at the forefront of the technology evolution of next-generation TD-LTE solutions in the sub-6 GHz market. Since 1951, the company has been a recognized pioneer in the telecom industry, facilitating the connectivity needs of millions of end-users through operators, ISPs and enterprises around the world. (https://telrad.com)