Meshnet Chooses Telrad for Challenging C4 Use Case

Telrad BreezeAIR series outperformed competitors in high-noise video surveillance application. 

[VILLAHERMOSA, Tabasco, Mexico – July 7, 2022] — Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative wireless telecommunication solutions, has enabled Meshnet to meet the demanding performance requirements of a project for the Command, Communication, Computer and Control (C4) Center of Tabasco.

Meshnet and the Tabasco C4 Center had been dissatisfied with prior results when using equipment from other well-known vendors in the networking and wireless broadband space.

The C4 project in question is a video surveillance system distributed across a large urban area. This environment is saturated with RF interference, which had been causing issues with video feeds and footage capture. Sudden signal loss, high latency and reduced throughput were common problems.

A small-scale trial with devices from Telrad’s cutting-edge BreezeAIR 8000 series hit the desired performance targets under the same real-world conditions. That led to a large-scale deployment of base stations as well as CPE units from the BreezeAIR 8000 series to replace the previous communications infrastructure.

“In this high-interference environment, Telrad’s BreezeAIR product line succeeded where all others fell short. They achieved the low latency and high throughput we needed for uninterrupted video feeds from our remote cameras,” said Meshnet General Manager: Ing. Jose Juan Rodriguez Notario.

Telrad BreezeAIR 8000 series point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) solutions are able to provide this unparalleled performance and reliability thanks to industry-leading technologies like automatic interference sensing (AIS), MIMO, QoS as well as hitless adaptive coding and modulation (ACM). Even in high-noise environments, they achieve a superior dynamic net throughput combined with ultra-low latency. In addition, these features are consolidated in a compact and rugged housing rated for IP67 weather resistance.

“Following the success of our migration to Telrad equipment, our customer initiated a second-phase rollout to augment the resilience and performance of the video surveillance system,” Juan Jose Rodriguez said.

“BreezeAIR PTP/PTMP solutions were designed to provide a secure, scalable and future-proof foundation for any mission-critical wireless broadband network. That makes them ideal for challenging use cases such as this, and we are excited to see ICT solution providers like Meshnet taking full advantage of BreezeAIR’s world-class performance,” said Yishai Amsterdamer, GM of BWA at Telrad Networks Ltd.

The C4 project has encouraged Meshnet to strengthen its ties with Telrad by becoming a certified Telrad distributor for the southeast region of the Mexican Republic. Through a strategic alliance with MDI Networks, Meshnet engineers and technicians will be fully trained to sell, implement and support Telrad’s robust product portfolio.

“Working more closely with Telrad in the future is a very intentional decision on our part. We have many customers who will clearly benefit from their flexible, cost-effective wireless communications solutions.  Telrad equipment will enable our company to provide the high quality they expect at some of the most competitive prices in the market,” said Ing. Jose Juan Rodriguez Notario

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