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Telrad Networks and Federated Wireless – How PAL management works so you can UNLOCK the full potential of your investment!

In the vibrant, expanding wireless market, the potential deployment scenarios and use cases are broad and can vary from operator to operator. That’s why it is now critical for Priority Access License (PAL) holders, General Authorized Access (GAA) users, and other stakeholders to learn how the Spectrum Access System (SAS) will coordinate and enable PAL usage.

This webinar reviews how PAL management works so you can unlock the full potential of your investment. Learn about:

– The PAL enablement roles and responsibilities of the three main entities in a Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) network – the network operator, the Citizen Broadband Service Device (CBSD) OEM, and the SAS Administrator.
– Several use cases for PAL holders and GAA users and how the SAS functions in each case.

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