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Join us and learn how a private cellular network can be used to enhance and improve the educational experience in a variety of ways.

Private Cellular networks are becoming a viable alternative to more traditional communication technologies, such as   Wi-Fi, proprietary, or satellite because they can offer higher capacity, a better quality of bandwidth, and more secure connections by design.

This is a scaled-down commercial public or macro cellular network to address the needs of a specific application for a public or private enterprise. They can be tailored to provide coverage and capacity for a specific purpose, area, or group of users.

We believe that connecting handheld devices with quality broadband enables students to access educational materials, communicate with their peers, and participate in online activities regardless of their location. Additionally, private cellular networks can be used to augment coverage in areas of the campus where traditional Wi-Fi networks may be inadequate, allowing for improved access to online resources and communication tools.

Private cellular networks can also be used to improve campus safety by providing reliable and secure communication for emergency services. The network can also be used to support distance and remote learning, allowing students and teachers to participate in classes and other educational activities from off-campus locations. IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as digital signage and a variety of environmental sensors can also be connected to the private cellular network for better management, monitoring, and control of the campus infrastructure.

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