About Telrad Services LATAM

Who We Are

Founded in 1983, Telrad Services Latin America (Telrad Services LATAM) has extensive expertise in the implementation and management of network and telecom deployments.  A subsidiary of the Telrad Group, Telrad Services LATAM offers a wide range of technological products, services and solutions, helping companies with multiple aspects of diverse telecom projects. The company’s talented team of 150+ staff brings decades of professional technical experience to serve clients across numerous countries throughout Latin America and globally.

Our Services & Solutions

Telrad offers a wide range of technical field services including: system integration; mobile site development and implementation; construction planning & network design; surveying and documentation. Other expertise includes optical networking, metro Ethernet, wireless, security and remote management systems. In terms of products, Telrad Services LATAM’s proven web-based central management system has a mobile application that enables remote allocation of tasks, proximity alerts and reporting. In addition, the company offers a security system solution that provides access control and traceability for buildings, warehouses and even vehicles.


Over the past several decades, our solutions and services have supported industry leaders, such as: American Tower, Americatel, Comteco, Cotal, Coteor, CTR Telecom, Entel, GTD Manquehue, Internexa, United Towers, VTR and more.