About Oasis

Who We Are

Oasis Communications is a unique system integrator specializing in consulting, design and delivery of highly complex communication systems. Established in 2006 by leading ISP executives, the company serves over 200 customers worldwide. The company is focused on three areas: data systems infrastructure, communication networks optimization and perimeter data information security. Oasis offers proactive maintenance and support services, serving international service providers, startups and IT-oriented clients.

With vast experience implementing the latest products and technologies, the company’s team of IT professionals have vast experience in the design and implementation of data integration, technology infrastructure and security solutions. Oasis delivers truly unique, customized solutions that are specifically designed to meet our customer’s exact needs, often making better use of their existing systems. We believe our differentiation is not offering ‘one size fits all’ packages as many vendors do – or selling a lot of unnecessary add-ons or services.

Experience & Expertise

With a core group of highly trained system engineers, technicians and operations specialists, Oasis provides services for every aspect of the project lifecycle – from initial consultation/audit, through design, creation and implementation; to complete turnkey solution delivery. Our goal is to always minimize disruptions for the customer, striving for zero downtime. Our mission is to provide the most optimized, flexible, reliable and cost-effective services and solutions for today’s rapidly changing information and communications world.


Whether you are a Telco carrier, a global organization or a smaller company with networking challenges, Oasis can help you streamline and optimize your network – in the most efficient, cost effective, way possible. We have carefully selected our IT vendors to bring only best-of-breed solutions to our clients.

  • Communication Networks – We’ve helped the largest IP and MPLS networks in the world, providing networking services and other offerings including: IP auditing of network readiness, load balancing and redundancy, QoS implementation, multi-case deployment, wireless networking, wireless LAN, MAN and WAN services, and much more.

  • Systems Infrastructure – Oasis offers 360⁰ services for every aspect of data infrastructure, such as: servers and operating systems (physical and virtual), cloud and data protection systems, storage systems (NAS, SAN, DAS), high availability, back-up and disaster recovery systems.

  • Information Systems Perimeter Security – Oasis helps its customers protect their data assets with the latest solutions in data security and authentication, from gateways, (mail, web) to network ports – to the entire network. We don’t just install network devices, we know how to best protect your data, leveraging our wealth of experience in security, OS/DDOS detection, network access control.