Telrad Networks Unveils BreezeAIR AXE 2.1Gbps Wireless Solutions at 4.9-7.1GHz – Announcing at Africacom Stand A61


[Capetown, South Africa – November 15, 2023] — BreezeAIR AXE introduces groundbreaking wireless solutions with 2.1Gbps throughput, ultra-low latency and top-level security. The series features Telrad’s unique Automatic Interference Sensibility (AIS) technology for stable performance and sets a benchmark for reliable high-capacity applications.

BreezeAIR AXE Highlights:

–  Unprecedented Performance: Dynamic 2.1Gbps throughput and low latency.

–  Industry Redefinition: Scalable PTP and PTMP solutions at 4.9-7.1GHz.

–  Unmatched Interference Rejection: Optimal for fiber-like backhauls, mission-critical

   networks, and video surveillance.

–  Rugged, Reliable & Secured: IP67 design, lowest power consumption and AES-256


–  Phenomenal Range: Over 130 kilometers for outstanding connectivity.

Revolutionizing Wireless Technology:

BreezeAIR AXE introduces a paradigm shift with innovative features, meeting the demands of high-capacity applications while ensuring top-level security and reliability.

About Telrad:

Telrad Networks, an award-winning global leader in wireless communications solutions, has over seven decades of experience in engineering and technology innovation. With a presence in over 100 countries and serving customers across numerous industries, Telrad Networks focuses on delivering highly optimized infrastructure deployments in the sub-11GHz spectrum based on 4G LTE, 5G, and PTP & PTMP BWA technologies.

Inga Balter

Head of Marketing



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