photoaae_logoThis past February, Telrad partnered with Integrated Systems, a New York-based communications company, to provide our 4G solutions to their customers needing extremely fast wireless broadband connectivity. For this Reseller Spotlight, Telrad spoke with Mark Hamilton, President & Founder of Integrated Systems, to get his perspective on the changing needs of the market and the current solutions he is offering his clients in the public safety market.

Integrated Systems offers a variety of services to its municipal clients, including IP-based video and surveillance solutions. Recently, the City of Elmira added Telrad’s BreezeCOMPACT to their infrastructure in order to run IP cameras for the municipality, which had already been using legacy TDD solutions. Another joint project involved 300 wireless cameras, in which Integrated Systems installed these devices on traffic lights throughout the city of Hornell, enabling better traffic control and updates while improving the safety of citizens.

Q: How can surveillance solutions positively impact a municipality?

A: We’ve been selling the ‘Breeze’ products for over a decade. This partnership allows us to build upon Alvarion’s legacy, while taking our customers forward with a future-proof, dependable, 4G LTE product line.

Q: Are you seeing a trend of clients shifting from WiMAX to LTE?

A: Definitely, but not as quickly as you would think. We have noticed that since Telrad’s acquisition of the Alvarion BWA division, existing WiMAX users are asking about transition. Since we signed our new agreement, Telrad has begun to offer an impressive set of LTE products.