5 GHz Unlicensed LTE

Telrad’s 5 GHz unlicensed solution is ideal for ISPs and telecom operators who either don’t have access to licensed spectrum or are interested in expanding coverage and capacity by supplementing their licensed operations with unlicensed spectrum.

5 GHz unlicensed spectrum, which has up to 500 MHz of bandwidth available in many regions of the world, is a great option for operators to deploy reliable, cost-effective, high bandwidth broadband LTE networks. And with advanced interference mitigation technology, the BreeeU-100 promises to outperform most unlicensed products on the market.

Always taking the operator needs into consideration, Telrad has designed this unlicensed LTE product to offer cost-optimized configurations, lower total cost of ownership, Near-LOS capabilities and higher throughput.

The Telrad 5 GHz unlicensed LTE portfolio includes the BreezeU-100, the flagship BreezeCOMPACT 1000, CPE12000U, BreezeWAY EPC and BreezeVIEW Network Management System.


Designed for High Performance in Near-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Transmissions

The Telrad LTE-U product suite includes the new BreezeU-100 base station, the flagship BreezeCOMPACT 1000 base station, the new CPE12000U outdoor high-gain CPE antenna, BreezeVIEW network management along with the flexible and scalable BreezeWAY Evolved Packet Core (EPC) platform.

This advanced 5GHz LTE-U system is designed to provide customers of any size with a complete, fully standards-based LTE network that offers cost-optimized configurations, lower total cost of ownership, near-LOS capabilities and high throughput.

Our incredible new product family—combined with roadmap features such as base-station chaining, inter-band carrier aggregation and, uplink carrier aggregation—will enable customers to expand its coverage and provide even more customers with its robust services.

Rugged 5 GHz, High Performance

  • Low-cost operation using license-exempt 5 GHz spectrum
  • Advanced interference mitigation technology
  • Small & ruggedized all-outdoor, high-capacity LTE base station
  • Unique Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Superior Near-LOS (Line of Sight) using best in class 4TX x 4RX Radio

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